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Friday, October 29, 2010



when you said and think that you can't be the best for me..

I know you always try to do something to make me happy..

but...................................... !

don't wory you..

same goes to me..

im also can't be the best for you..

only HIM can be the best in this world..

trust me..

nobody perfect..

nobody can get everything they want..

HE is most fair..

HE knows everything..

only HIM..

what we need to do is just trust HIM and strive the best to be the best


everything happened..

i know..

its must have the own reason..

we should realize and know..

and also think about..

the important is im really love you because of HIM sent you to me..

hope you is the one who I want and looking for..

wishing you all the best in everything you do..

hope you can always success in your life..

here..i just can pray for you..

i love you..


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