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Thursday, October 4, 2012


assalamualaikum and hello everyone !

its had been long long time i xupdate blog kan..the reasons is dah la broadband pon lama dah tak berbayar..then usually online just gune phone..then then sometimes online by laptop pon used uia punye wifi yang sometimes lajuuuu tetibe ? dumm down ! huhh so its might be affect my mood kot..banyak gileeeeee kot nak story mory kat sini ni..tapi tak dapek lahh..

just wanna share the latest story and agak jiwangs2 sikit kot..haha just ignore..

yesterday was my sudin bufday and im not plan anything actually to give him something special or so on..alaa boipren je kot kan..huhu but then still jugak wanna doing something..and lately he was very very and veryyyyy busy with his fyp..rasanye almost a week gak we dont even contact each other seriously..its ok lah, kadang2 rasa nak merajuk jugak tapi just be understanding i think better kot kan..

sabar itu indah :)

anyway, wishing u hepy 25th years bufday my special sudin 
and hope for his successful in his life 
may ALLAH bless u my dear !

ok dahh..itu je actually my surprise..was cooked lunch for him..and he felt unexpected at all..yeahh and after that, baru macam rajin nak contact kite kan..hee !


Halmey @ Berg said...

dah tua dah pennnnnnnnpennnnnnnn!!!!

Halmey @ Berg said...

dah tua dah pennnnpennn!!!